10 mobile trends for 2014

From the IAB UK blog, 10 mobile trends for 2014.

1 – Facebook is becoming THE app install driver

2 – Cost per app install will continue to rise

3 – Day 1 retention is crucial for apps

4 – Rise in Mobile RTB will increase Mobile CPM rates

5 – Time to take advantage of cheap mobile rates

6 – Multi-functional devices drive exponential growth in data usage

7 – Whatsapp is the future but SMS will resist the test of time

8 – It’s an App world, the Web just lives in it

9 – Mobile web more important than apps for retailers

10 – Paid apps are done, in-app purchases are the norm

Read more at http://www.iabuk.net/blog/10-mobile-trends-for-2014#cbjP4447kSiXog71.99

One thought on “10 mobile trends for 2014

  1. Foarte curios. Cea ce am rasfoit pe saitul tau despre 10 mobile trends for 2014 | Essential Retail Innovation Blog m-a surprins placut. Te felicit pentru conceperea essentialretail.wordpress.com, care e un site care trebuie distribuita.

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