Wearable technology set to take the workplace by storm

Great piece in Gigaom about wearable technology. Read what we had to say about it here…. http://www.essentialretail.com/news/article/52a0be80120dc-what-does-the-future-hold-for-wearable-technology


Like the PC, mobile phone and tablet, wearable technology is poised to change how organizations collect, access and use information. The first three technologies are long past the hype cycle – consumers and businesses alike have already embraced these technologies as a fundamental part of their everyday lives.

Wearable technologies, however, are beginning to enter the mainstream, and technology enthusiasts are buzzing about how they can be used to enhance our personal and work environments. But as with most technology, we are far from understanding how these connected devices will be used. As we look at wearables, we have an opportunity to embrace the unknown.

What is wearable technology?

Think of wearable technologies in several broad categories:

  • Smart devices like Google Glass and watches like the InPulse Smart Notification Watch allow people to view information in a new way, and on the go.
  • Health monitors such as the FitBit, FuelBand…

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