Spirit of Arabia demonstrates 3D virtual fashion store

Dubai-based lifestyle brand Spirit of Arabia has unveiled a demonstration of its 3D virtual fashion store.

Customers can select an avatar, walk around the Spirit of Arabia store, view products, obtain product information, try on products in the changing room, add to their shopping carts and check-out as with traditional online shopping sites.

“As a creative brand we are always looking to provide customers with a memorable and fun shopping experience,” said Arshed Mohammed, founder of Spirit of Arabia.

“When we decided on an online store we looked at the conventional 2D online stores but realised that the next generation of stores will be 3D. We therefore decided to take the lead and be one of the few companies worldwide with a 3D virtual store.”

Spirit of Arabia was chosen as one of only ten finalists from across the Middle East to present its concept at the SME Congress in Abu Dhabi in December 2013.

The prototype makes use of high quality graphics, merging real-world photographs with 3D renderings to produce amazing lifelike images. Customers can browse inside of the store, interact with the sales assistant, obtain product information in pop-up windows, and proceed to the changing room to try on garments on their avatars.

It is also possible to walk around outside of the store and look into the windows.

“In future we will expand the outside world to allow ‘virtual tourists’ to explore the landscape,” said Arshed.

Read more about Spirit of Arabia here…

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