Don’t take it personally: A look at personalisation in retail

Tom Head is director of Lab, a digital agency that works for brands who want to offer their customers personalised experiences online, has written for the Breed Communications blog on personalisation in retail…

We can no longer treat customers in a one size fits all attitude. Each one is as important as the next, and they should be all treated with the same amount of care, respect and close attention when in a retail environment.

No more has this become apparent on the high street with retailers looking to build long-term relations and grow brand advocacy and loyalty with their customers, rather than just treat them as short-term financial gains that trudge in and out of their store as if in a conveyor belt style. When looking at customer loyalty, high street retailers can take a leaf out of small-sized businesses or corner shops, where amidst all of the changes in retail, customer loyalty has remained strong in these locations.

Why? It is because of that personal touch – that thorough understanding of a customer that makes them and their needs feel valued and keeps them coming back for more! We are all changing as customers and as the retail world changes, we yearn for a more personalised approach to our shopping experience. One that is tailored to us and our financial capability, preference of taste and shopping history – essentially a personalised approach that knows us inside out as customers.

Perhaps a step too far you say – slightly intrusive? Well regardless of this, many retailers are working vigorously towards creating a fully personable experience which in some way replicates the corner shop experience. Also, taking into consideration the growing popularity of the omnichannel experience, consumers will seek a personalised experience that covers a multitude of platforms and expands into the online world. As soon as a consumer steps out of a store, expect a consumer to continue their personalised and tailored journey but within the realms of mobile, social and more.

Read the full blog piece here…

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