BT calls on organisations to use tech more creatively

BT has launched a global campaign and new offers designed to encourage large organisations to use technology more creatively for the betterment of their businesses.

In what it says is in recognition of the changing role of CIOs in business, BT Global Services will engage with leading global companies and government organisations to offer innovations addressing four key customer requirements: delivering a great performance, realising possibilities in the cloud, working in harmony and performing anywhere.

BT said that if global organisations want to offer a great performance, they must manage a mix of different network technologies, combined with applications performance management and security services. BT is rolling out a number of solutions and products that it says can help organisations progress in the connective world.

Luis Alvarez, CEO of BT Global Services, said: “Harnessing the possibilities in today’s world takes creativity and innovation.

“Today’s connected world offers unlimited possibilities to our customers to make creative connections leading to real business outcomes. Exploiting the potential of our portfolio and leveraging our BT Advise team of professional services specialists, we are committed to enable our customers to orchestrate intelligent hybrid networks with a high level of security, while maximising the performance, flexibility and control offered by the cloud.”

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