Hachette UK uses social to sell books in new way

Publishing group Hachette has teamed up with social commerce company Buyapowa to sell books in an entirely new way.

Hachette UK has launched a series of online marketing campaigns designed to reach book lovers using new techniques, and – in its own words – “put power back into the hands of fans and readers”.

Developed by Buyapowa, the campaigns aim to engage with readers, via social media, and give them a direct say in the products the publisher puts on special offer. Using gamification technology, the aim is to incentivise people to make the purchase, but also to create interest among friends and family and encourage them to join in.

All of Hachette UK’s consumer divisions will be running social selling campaigns throughout the course of the 2014. The activity will work across adult and children’s books as well as fiction and non-fiction.

The campaigns will live within a series of pop-up online boutiques, which are fully accessible across all devices and connected to the top social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Damian Horner, brand development director at Hachette UK, said his company was “changing the rules” in terms of its consumer engagement.

He added: “Everyone in publishing knows that the very best way to sell a book or introduce an author is through the passion and dedication of the fans. Thanks to Buyapowa’s ground-breaking technology and the unique way it super-charges social sharing, we’re now able to reach out to our core fanbase, then empower and incentive them to go out and tell their friends, bringing in huge numbers of new readers and incremental sales in the process.”

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