Checkout app aims to help indies compete with multiples

Convenience store owners and managers will have the opportunity to learn about the next generation of smartphone shopping technology at an exclusive event, later this month.

The event, which will take place Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales, will showcase the recently launched Mini Checkout app, which allows shoppers to scan barcodes and directly charge their bank account without the need for queuing.

The app, which is targeted at Britain’s independent retail community, was originally developed in Canada. On downloading the app, consumers are asked to input their bank details into a secure database, and when shopping they can quickly pay for the items in their ‘basket’, using their stored debit card details.

When exiting the store, shoppers must then scan a generated barcode on their smartphone against an optical scanner to verify their digital receipt for security purposes.

The event on 24 June will include demonstrations of the app and a presentation on the future of retail from Peter O’Toole, CEO of Retail Merchandising Services (RMS), the company behind the development of the app.

“Consumers want a faster, more convenient shopping experience – to be in and out in a flash,” argued O’Toole.

“They don’t want to be stood in store waiting while a machine tells them they have incorrectly bagged their own items.”

RMS has been conducting trials of the technology with convenience chain Nisa.

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