New online fashion retailer:

Online fashion retailer was launched in February, this year.

Essential Retail caught up with director Arjan Singh-Raud to find out about the business and how it’s targeting the 14- to 35-year-old female shopper.

ER: What are your ambitions for the business over the next 12 months?

Our ambitions are naturally to grow as a company on the e-tail side. We would like to secure a solid loyal customer base which we find is important for the growth of the company. In short, we would like to be on the lips of all bloggers, media and most importantly our target shopper.

ER: What is doing differently from its competitors?

One of the biggest differences we are offering to our customers is that we offer free delivery on all UK orders. We are also working with independent fashion designers, offering them a portal to showcase their designs and sell.

ER: Who is your target shopper and how do you plan to use new technology to reach them?

Our target shopper is the 14- to 35-year-old female and we plan to reach them through all social media. We are hoping to develop our very own 5fashion app too, allowing customers to purchase products on the go and stay up to date with all things fashion.

ER: What have been the biggest challenges since launching in February?

There has naturally been many challenges and hurdles since the launch of the brand in February. One of the major challenges has been getting the word out about to the general public. It’s all about building trust and getting people onto the website and in essence keeping the consumer on the website long enough for them to purchase.

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