Hyper-targeted mobile marketing that adapts to weather

Tech companies Brainstorm Mobile Solutions and Weather Unlocked have teamed up to provide a solution that allows businesses to create and deliver mobile marketing campaigns that change with the weather.

Marketers can now create highly targeted MMS, SMS and email campaigns taking into account filters such as location, demographic, prior purchasing behaviour and now the weather.

The tool announced earlier this week comes at a time when high street mainstays Next and Marks & Spencer have both mentioned unseasonable weather as a reason for a slowdown in end-of-summer sales activity.

By combining past, present and forecast weather patterns with a mobile marketing platform, brands and advertisers can now tailor their messages to potential customers.

Donald Stuart, CEO of Brainstorm Mobile, commented: “Too often we hear retailers and brand owners bemoaning the negative impact of weather on their sales.

“It’s time that marketers woke up to the massive potential that exists to positively exploit the impact of weather on our buying patterns. Those at the forefront of this trend have already recognised the huge value of harnessing the influence that weather has on our moods and habits and are already seeing a dramatic increase in their response rate as well as a positive impact on customer service.”

John Armstrong, product director of Weather Unlocked added that the weather’s potential as a marketing trigger “is only beginning to be fully appreciated and leveraged by marketing and customer service professionals”.

“Our partnership with Brainstorm means that we are able to deliver a complete tailored mobile marketing campaign from conception to delivery,” he added.

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