Ve brings conversion tools to Amazon Webstore merchants

Online retailers can now access Ve’s eCommerce conversion platform via their Amazon Webstore.

The move gives Webstore merchants an opportunity to utilise the conversion company’s software in their online shops.

Ve says its platform allows merchants to acquire, engage and convert customers at every stage of the eCommerce journey, and it promises to help online businesses reduce bounce rates, increase customer engagement and minimise website abandonment.

David Brown, CEO and co-Founder of Ve, commented: “Using Ve’s technology, online retailers will be able to maximise their sales and consumers will get more engagement and help from the online shops that they visit.”

Ve, which was founded in 2009 and currently operates in 18 languages within 43 territories, offers an array of apps, including VeContact – a tool that targets customers who abandon sites at the shopping cart, via a process of email re-engagement. These emails contain personalised content for each visitor including subject line, images, product information and a link back to the pre-populated basket.

Meanwhile, VeChat is described as an artificial intelligence driven agent that boasts 11 million phrases in 11 languages to help shoppers find what they want and get the help they need rather than abandoning a sale.

Cart abandonment is often cited by retailers as a major eCommerce challenge. CEO of beauty e-tailer Feelunique, Joel Palix, told Essential Retail last week that many of the company’s recent investments – including the provision of a consistent shopping basket across different shopping devices – have been made to avoid online shopping cart abandonment.

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