New partnership takes facial recognition technology forward

Cognitec Systems has signed a software development and licence agreement with Intel Corporation, which will see the two businesses cooperate to apply face recognition to access control on electronic devices.

Logon to PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other computing devices will become both more convenient and secure as the technology replaces conventional passwords.

Manish Tangri, director for new business at the perceptual computing department at Intel, said: “Intel is driving exciting advances in security and biometrics.

“Our collaboration with Cognitec is a key ingredient in enabling secure yet easy-to-use, face-based authentication capabilities for consumers and enterprises.”

Alfredo Herrera, managing director of Cognitec, added: “Cognitec is proud of being selected by Intel for this important application of our technology.

“Face recognition will enable the owners of millions of computers, tablets and mobile phones to protect their devices and access them conveniently and quickly without having to remember passwords.”

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