Social video curator gets funding for growth

Social video curator Goodvidio is expanding its private beta program backed by a €300,000 seed investment.

The start-up which specialises in the discovery and curation of social video for eCommerce sites, has received the funding from JEREMIE Openfund II as it continues on its growth journey.

Goodvidio aims to bring relevant online videos to brands’ eCommerce pages, helping provide consumers with more visual content when they are shopping online.

Dimitrios Kourtesis, co-founder and CEO of the firm, said: “For retailers, re-sharing this kind of social video content on their product pages translates into improved customer experience and increased revenues.

“For video creators, having their content re-published on third-party eCommerce sites means more views and extended reach.”

Goodvidio combines cloud-based information filtering technology and human curation, with the service scouting social video platforms to discover potential re-sharable content across a wide range of products. It then recommends the videos to retailers for their approval.

Konstantinos Bratanis, co-founder and CTO of Goodvidio, commented: “Approved videos are automatically embedded in retailers’ product pages where the service continuously measures engagement and conversion metrics and performs automated A/B tests.

“This allows the service to learn which videos resonate most with shoppers, and to automatically optimise the selection of content so as to maximise performance.”

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