Shopping trolley designed to reduce spread of disease

A Brazilian supermarket has introduced supermarket trolleys with antimicrobial copper handles to help reduce the spread of disease-causing pathogens.

Varanda Frutas – a gourmet supermarket in São Paulo used by thousands of customers each daily – has opted for brass handles on its trolleys, which it hopes will continuously eliminate bacteria and viruses deposited on them. The idea is that this strategy will, in turn, reduce the risk of infections spreading as multiple people come into contact with the trolleys.

The Copper Development Association, which is promoting the use of this material, says plastic handles are a major vector for spreading contamination.

Mauricio Chairvolotti, marketing manager for Varanda Frutas, said: “The new trolleys have been well-received.

“Our main aim is to protect our customers’ health by reducing bacteria and viruses on these surfaces, offering improved hygiene.”

Other public spaces that have looked into using antimicrobial copper to provide a healthier environment for consumers include Congonhas Airport in São Paulo, subway stations and trains in Chile, buses in Beijing and childcare centres in Japan.

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